My name is Deena Bernadette Habboo. I am a self-taught fine artist. I simply drew and painted in stolen moments from my childhood. Well into my adulthood, I continue to submerge myself in the adventurous and extraordinary world of art.

My need to be creative is inexhaustible and can be understood to some degree as a way to escape from reality– to give color, form, structure and constructive expression to inner and outer chaos and conflict. As I continue to apply my presence to the canvas, my art naturally evolves with time– I consider myself an Abstract Expressionist in style, though in more recent years I alternate between abstract work, Impressionism, and spiritual works of icon images.

Oils are applied onto a linen canvas or reclaimed wood using my fingers, knives, and paintbrushes, to create a thickly layered, sculpted effect. The floor is my favorite chair and a wall is my best easel. I am completely inspired by the brilliance in nature, animals… and the ebb and flow of life. I am influenced both by my faith and by those people whom I admire, appreciate and respect.

My passion to create is unabated, as is my abiding desire to seek out the truth behind my private experience and emotions so that I might transform what I discover into public art. This is the breakthrough for me, the epiphany– the realization that the next step in my continuing artistic development is to break out of my reclusive shell so I may share my work with the community. And in doing so, it is my sincere hope that my art will provide some measure of joy and enlightenment and will communicate the joy (and number of sleepless nights) I have experienced in creating it!