Sandra O. from Charlotte, NC wrote on October 10, 2020:
So glad I found you. Your art is powerful.

Elyssia L. from Old Greenwich, NY wrote on April 6, 2020:
Dear Deena, you have stunned us with your extraordinary gift. I feel lucky to have your artworks displayed in our home and office. We love the work and it brings our friends and clients joy to view. Thank you!
Julie Myers from Miami Beach, FL wrote on May 26, 2019:
What a gift you have. We LOVE our towels. They feel great and are exquisite... so many compliments! I'm so happy you have merchandise! Thank you.

Marissa S. from Los Angeles, CA wrote on August 21, 2018:
The artwork here is original and beautiful. It is remarkable, natural talent that will be incredibly valuable. I appreciate the artist's mind, imagination and the way her gift is applied to the canvas. I look forward to see more and make a purchase.

Norman from Santa Clara wrote on July 2, 2018:
Amazing talent and very powerful works.

Megan Cambis from Bartlett wrote on February 9, 2018:
My mother purchased a Limited Edition Swan Takes Flight for my birthday and had it shipped to me here in Memphis. It is so beautiful! I finally have something to hang on my bedroom wall over my bed. My room has been bare since we moved in over 2 years ago. Lol but I now have something enjoyable to look at. THANK YOU.

Walid Habboo from FH wrote on July 19, 2017:

Tony from Chicago wrote on June 22, 2017:

Juliette from Brooklyn wrote on June 22, 2017:
The work of Deena Habboo is stunning.

Scott Pease from Austin, TX wrote on August 29, 2016:
Great website and collection! Love your original artwork and design section as well as your decorative paintings! Thank you for sharing.

Valerie from Electra, Texas wrote on August 24, 2016:
Saw you on Instagram. Your art is amaaaaaaaaaazing! I hope to meet you someday and buy some work.

Adonica Mendoza from USA wrote on January 11, 2016:
Your artwork is absolutely stunning! I've never seen such beautiful work. Every piece is uniquely beautiful in their own way. You are truly such an amazing artist. Continue to follow your dreams and never give up because you're one of a kind. Adventure is out there.

Connor from United Kingdom, Manchester wrote on October 28, 2015:
Thank you for blessing my eyes with the exhilarating pieces you have constructed. I find them both personal and challenging at times, in different senses within spacial dimensions. I am intrigued to discover more art from yourself and your boundless latitudes in your mind and ability.

Betty Jalaba from everywhere wrote on July 17, 2015:
Your work is amazing and some i have seen do not have wrds to describe your work.You R beyond many i have seen and do not stop keep going & keep the word adventure in your head

Danny M from Birmingham, MI wrote on February 21, 2015:
Your artwork is special, beautiful, and unique. My e-mail has been added privately to your queue via the contact page. I look forward to your next exhibition. Please keep me posted. What a talent!

Kauana de Lima from São Bento do Sul wrote on October 8, 2013:
I came across your site when I was going to another one and I am glad I browsed around. This is unbelievable artwork. You are so gifted. I probably cannot afford original piece but please email regarding availability and pricing of reproductions. Thank you

Kevin from Shelby Township wrote on March 25, 2013:
Amazing pictures, very talented

Makeda Serju from USA wrote on June 7, 2012:
These pieces are amazing

George from Livonia wrote on January 22, 2012:
Deena, Your e-mail reply had a link to your website and I clicked on it. This is really impressive. You are very talented. Beautiful work, loved the video too, it was especially touching. The care and love you put into your art is awesome! Please add me to your mailing list for future shows. Thanks!

Dominica Faes from SGATE MICH. wrote on November 15, 2011:
Deena,your work is so beautiful you send chills up and down my spine.You are so talented honey you paint from your heart and that tells the story?..God bless you and keep the good work up.

Johana RsLs from Columbia wrote on September 21, 2011:
Amistades =)

Bryan Arnold from Santa Cruz de Tenerife wrote on August 13, 2011:
hola a todos bryan

Sarina from Desir wrote on August 9, 2011:
The paintings are so beautiful, you can really connect with the paintings, and for me it's very emotional because the paintings speak for themselves. Deena is the best artist in the world and she touches people with her paintings, i mean she sure does touch me and theyre just beautiful and out of this world. Deena's paintings remind me of a simpler time. When i am feeling down i just go to this website and look at her art its just amazing and Deena is just blessed with a beautiful gift of art. (was referred to site by fellow classmate Eric)

Eric from Texas wrote on July 9, 2011:
i found your website by mistake by wanting to go to a teen online chat at and i heard nice music and was curious. i am too an artist i do ceramics and sculpture and i have much respect for your work. i will be writing an article on a website about art and will add your website as a demonstration and hopefully it will allow people to vieww the unique art that i've just seen.

Donny Klemmer Jr. from Ferndale wrote on July 6, 2011:
Very impressive! I really enjoy your style and admire your talent. I will look for you next time I'm in Birmingham.

Joseph from Michigan wrote on December 25, 2010:
you are the most amazing cousin and artist ever! love you!

Lance from Clarkston wrote on December 22, 2010:
Amazing work Deena! I had no idea how involved you are in your art. You are so talented!

Ian Soo Hoo from the earf wrote on December 4, 2010:

Barb Schmatz from Madison Heights wrote on November 23, 2010:
Your work is so lovely. I love looking at the pictures of the work in progress!

Jeanne from Canton wrote on November 18, 2010:
Deena, you are such an inspiration to everyone that knows you! Every detail tells a story! It is amazing.

Sarah Jane Sevilla from Philippines wrote on November 17, 2010:
just call me sarah,20 years old from Philippines.i was searching for a game site..but accidentally i entered the wrong address.Then your website appeared. so glad to see your beautiful paintings. im practicing my talent in drawing/painting. but my patience is too short ..hope i can share to you my only one drawing. im proud of it even though its simple.  God bless you!!

Kevin Byrum from Michigan wrote on October 23, 2010:

Kelli Colliton from Howell, MI wrote on October 22, 2010:
Amazing my friend:) So glad that you are a part of our lives.

Julie Fishman Krasner from Farmington Hills, MI wrote on October 22, 2010:
Your work brings tears of joy to my eyes. Everything you do is spectacular, and I am proud to know you.

Danny from Spokane, WA wrote on October 22, 2010:
Yeah!!! This is great!!! I'm so excited that I can look at all of your amazing work now!

Dawn from Beverly Hills, MI wrote on October 22, 2010:
You do amazing work! How do you paint upside down?

Melissa Miller from West Bloomfield, MI wrote on October 21, 2010:
The website looks great!

Merrie from Farmington Hills wrote on October 19, 2010:
Deena, I have admired your work for quite a while now and this web site has allowed me to see much more of it, you have an amazing sense of color and style! Your web site is great ... I love the music as I wander through your incredible art work ... you have been blessed with a talent that touches others so completely! Thank you for sharing.

Mark Owens Jr. from Livonia, MI wrote on October 19, 2010:
This is very impressive Deena. You are very talented! It’s great to see your finished art pieces inside the home. It really looks incredible.

Johanna from Brighton wrote on October 19, 2010:
Deena: Your artwork is amazing!! You are so gifted. Congratulations on your website too.

Walid Habboo from FH wrote on October 19, 2010:
i love it, you are simply great!