In The Eyes Of An Owl

In The Eyes Of An Owl

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This giclée print is taken from my original oil painting on linen canvas.

A wise old owl sat on an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke
the more he heard;
Why aren’t we
like that wise
old bird?

There is a way that nature speaks,
that land speaks.
Most of the time
we are simply not patient enough,
quiet enough,
to pay attention to the story.

-Author Unknown

“In the Eyes of an Owl” represents the free thinker, the eccentric, and the quintessential entrepreneur, who all, like an owl, can see the light in the dark. Just like that majestic bird that swoops down to feed, these types can see opportunities, swoop in, and feast on life.

Owls exist for their own purposes. They are not here for us. However, they have much to teach us. With calm resolution, they’re able to sit majestically seeing the light in the dark.

They inspire with their growth. Their wingspan, enlarged on the canvas, form the foundation of a beautiful tree. As you see them fly, they’re off to grab life’s opportunities to fly higher and higher.

The 3 owls represent a tribe: the Great Horned Owl, the Barn Owl, and the Barred Owl. The Great Horned Owl (top center) symbolizes strength, intuition, wisdom, and transformation. It takes swift action and determination to accomplish a goal with ease.

The Barn Owl (viewer’s left) symbolizes skills, intellect, and outside-the-box thinking. When trying to solve a problem, the Barn Owl asks you to look at the issue with a fresh set of eyes. Barn owl types are keen to research and gain knowledge, often becoming experts in what they learn.

The Barred Owl (viewer’s right) gets its name from bar-like marks on its feathers. This is a symbol of protection and courage. Barred owls know where their boundaries lie and show this through physical expression. Barred owls represent deep connection and creative potential.

An owl is a symbol of enlightenment. It’s only by using your wisdom, balancing your thoughts and emotions, and your intuition that you can do the work to transform. This is part of shadow work.  

Shadowwork can help you discover the truth about who you are. It’s not always pleasant, but you must walk through the darkness to get to the light.

I chose a sunny palette because some people can be in the throws of darkness in their daily lives. But our owls help us find light in the darkness.

These owl companions inspire me and I hope they inspire you to see light in the darkness, maintain a discerning eye, and swoop down and grab life’s opportunities to fly to new heights.


What Is the Difference Between a Giclée Print and a Standard Print?

Giclée prints are known for their vibrant colors, which closely match the original artwork.

Standard prints are basic inkjet prints that use dye inks which are not fade-resistant and have a longevity of 10-15 years. Giclée prints, also known as archival, museum-grade, or fine art printing, use light-fast pigments instead of dyes, that have exceptional archival qualities, with no fading or color shifting, and have a longevity of 200+ years. 

As an artist becomes more popular and their work becomes more in demand, their limited or open-edition prints will increase in value.

With my commitment to perfection, I assure you that your giclée prints capture and portray my artistic vision with unparalleled accuracy and vibrancy. 

What Is a Face-Mounted 3/16” Plexiglas® - Gallery Finish Giclée Print?

(Artist’s favorite! These are visually stunning!) The acrylic face-mounted print is what you'll see in galleries because they last a lifetime, yield accurate color, and offer superior vibrancy. Includes face-mounted giclée print. Back of print is adhered to 3mm black polymetal panel. Includes aluminum backframe for hanging. Gives “floating” effect.  

What Is a Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Print?

With a gallery wrap canvas print, the canvas material wraps around thick, durable wooden stretcher bars. Because the canvas material folds tightly around the canvas, you can’t see the staples or fasteners used to secure the stretched canvas. Gallery-wrapped canvases are ready-to-hang, meaning they don’t require a frame if you don’t want one. However, gallery wrap canvas prints look stunning in floater frames in various shades and materials. 

What Is a Fine Art Paper Print?

Giclée paper prints are meticulously created using archival paper materials ensuring exceptional quality and longevity. The fine art print paper will have at least two layers. The base, either cellulose or cotton, is what makes up the bulk of the paper, and the coating is applied on top. Each paper is acid-free with a neutral pH, which prevents discoloration and fading, and ensures the finished print is both visually appealing and long-lasting.

What Is an Aluminum Print?

Aluminum is an innovative print surface, particularly suited for preserving artwork. It is the most vibrant of all print media and is created by infusing an image onto raw aluminum. The white aluminum – high gloss finish with its highly reflective properties creates deep rich blacks and highly saturated colors and an unmatched depth of field. The most common response when viewing these giclée prints is that they look as if they are painted on glass and lit from behind. A metal print is a wall art piece that has a clean, modern, industrial, high-definition look. 

What Is a Wood Print?

Giclée printing on wooden blocks creates a unique, organic photo that stands the test of time and gives your image a special effect. With this process, your image fuses with the wood, and you see the grain through the ink. No two prints are alike due to the revealed grain. Each panel is printed direct to maple wood and has a keyhole cut on the back for easy hanging. This is a modern and eco-friendly way to display artwork. 

Purchasing Information:

Every care has been taken to show the artwork as accurately as possible with regard to size and color. The image you see online may show a difference due to slight variations between browsers, devices, and screen settings. Any variation between the image represented and the actual artwork is not deemed a fault and slight inconsistencies will not be a valid reason for return.

Shipping Information:

All giclée prints and merchandise products are made to order. Allow 3-5 days for production time and an additional 2-7 days for delivery time. For face-mounted Plexiglas® display finish, please allow 2-3 weeks production time and an additional 2-7 days for delivery time.

Original paintings will be packed and shipped within 3-4 weeks to allow for drying time and copyright work. Within the USA pieces are sent by UPS. Most US deliveries arrive within 1 week from time of shipping.

Shipping time varies by location and may be longer during the holidays.

Is Shipping Included?

Yes. Shipping cost is included in the product price for orders shipped within the contiguous US. 

Can You Ship Internationally?

Yes, I can ship to most countries, although it will take longer to arrive depending on your location. Contact me with your details and the piece you would like and I can give you shipping options. Express merchandise shipments to Europe require a contact phone number.

Overseas shipments (outside the USA) may be subject to import duties and taxes according to the laws of the destination country. Any additional charges are at the customer’s expense. I have no control over these charges and accept no responsibility for additional charges.


How Is My Payment Handled?

I accept all major credit cards through the website, but also accept Venmo and CashApp— just reach out if you have a preferred payment method. Habboo Art does not store any of your debit/credit card details. The balance for artwork and shipping will be due before the artwork is delivered.

Purchasing with a Deposit

If you would like to purchase an original painting over $500 you are welcome to purchase in stages. A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable to hold your painting. The balance can be paid the following month or in 2 monthly payments of 25% each. Please contact me if you are interested in arranging this at

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