Lessons from Rainbows II Original Painting
Lessons from Rainbows II Original Painting

Lessons from Rainbows II — Original — Enter to Win


This piece is available to win through a charity fundraiser event to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Central Texas Chapter for Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

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Oil on linen, 24x30"

Lessons From Rainbows II
“Every time you see a rainbow, every time you watch the sunset, and every time you remember a dream— they’re all little glimpses into what’s beyond our world.” — K. Kuhn

Rainbows are magical gifts. Witnessing the calm beauty of a rainbow after a storm can make it all worthwhile. They teach us that after the worst of times, life can still be delightful. People are like rainbows, they shine the brightest after a storm.

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to see a double rainbow. As the most pleasurable of meteorological phenomena, rainbows can teach us so much about science— and feelings, too. 

When light goes through a prism, it splits into a full spectrum of color. When we shine a light on our experiences, we unlock a full spectrum of emotions. 

Lessons from Rainbows has a palette of the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and white light. The colors of a rainbow are light, fresh, and happy.

These colors rarely occur together, so they immediately elicit a sense of awe and delight. In color theory, they serve to provide a person with wisdom, knowledge, and vitality.

Rainbows are a symbol of hope in many cultures. When you see one, it usually means good things are coming. It can symbolize positive events like the fulfillment of a promise, new blessings on the way, or a fresh start. 

The arch formed by the rainbow, along with its vibrant color, signifies the unwavering promise that God can lead you out of trouble. I hope this piece fills you with peaceful joy when you view this harmonious blend of colors. May it remind you that in the darkest of times, joy can still be found and things will all be okay.

Artist, Deena Habboo
Habboo Art

Click here to enter the charity giveaway for a chance to win this painting

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