Oil on linen, 30x40” 

This piece is available to win through a charity fundraiser event to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Central Texas Chapter for Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

"Beautiful wildflower… be free and reach for the sun, live in all your colors and grow so untamed.”  - Butterflies Rising 

A wildflower can grow anywhere and at random. Wildflowers reveal how beauty can be found in the most unlikely places. Like wildflowers, we must allow ourselves to grow in places we never thought we would and find freedom in perseverance.

Like people, wildflowers can be extremely complex, as exhibited in this piece of wildly arranged flora composed of colorful layers and wild strokes. The color palette captures the feel of flora, spring, meadows, and wetlands with the wild nature of these little survivors. 

Bloom Where You Are Planted
Where you are is where you belong. Wildflowers grow next to highways. Grow wild and free from worries, judgment, or expectations. Get out of your head for a while and find the beauty all around you. No one can take that away from you.

Thrive Through Tough Conditions
Wildflowers are difficult plants to tame. These stubborn flowers find ways to grow through cracks in concrete and thrive in the harshest of circumstances, so can you! 

Nature Already Made You Beautiful
Wildflowers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They’re all so different and need certain conditions to help them grow best. You are the same. Your story is yours alone. Embrace the unique beauty you have and honor the conditions that help you thrive. 

Be Adventurous
Wildflowers constantly surprise people because of where they choose to root themselves. Hold yourself to that same standard. Sometimes, we have to pave our own roads and break glass ceilings. Surprise others with what you're capable of accomplishing. Even better, surprise yourself! 

We all experience obstacles in life, but you should never let those challenges stop you from pursuing your goals. Wildflowers don't let their circumstances determine whether or not they blossom. They just do it! Be unapologetic for your passions and watch them grow!

Artist, Deena Habboo
Habboo Art
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